Measuring and building soil carbon

In this episode of the Nutrient Management Podcast, we’re talking about measuring and building soil carbon, and some challenges and solutions for farmers and researchers. Why is carbon in the soil being considered as a credit in the global carbon cycle? What practices change soil carbon? What makes soil carbon complicated to measure? What do you think is the ideal (or is there an ideal) carbon measurement scheme and what would it look like? What new research exists to address some of these challenges? Is Minnesota uniquely positioned in any way to contribute to solving these issues?

  • Anna Cates, Extension soil health specialist (St. Paul)
  • Jessica Gutknecht, faculty, U of M Department of Soil, Water, and Climate (St. Paul)
  • Gregg Sanford, research scientist, U of Wisc Department of Plant and Agra Ecosystem Sciences (Madison)
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Measuring and building soil carbon
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